CS 61B Data Structures, Fall 2020
Instructor: Josh Hug
Lecture: Zoom link

Setting Up Environment Variables in Windows


Click on the Windows button in the bottom left (or press control-escape). This will bring up your start menu like below: start menu

Type the letters “enviro”, and Windows 10 search should automatically find something called “” edit the system environment variables

Click this and the window below should show up: windows system properties

Now click “Environment Variables”, and you should see: windows environment variables

Click the “New…” button at the bottom below “System variables”, highlighted in blue in the image above.

This will open a new window called “New System Variable”. new windows system variable

For variable name, type REPO_DIR. Then click on “Browse Directory”: new windows system variable with name entered

After clicking browse directory, use the file dialog to navigate to your 61b repository folder. For example, mine is fa20-s26. browsing for my 61b repo

After clicking OK, the value should be filled in with the path to your repo. For example, on my computer this path was “C:\X\fa20-s26”. done entering windows repo_dir folder

Now click OK on all the remaining windows and they should disappear. You’ve now set the “REPO_DIR” environment variable.


Repeat the steps above, but this time use the variable name “SNAPS_DIR”, and when you use “browse directory”, navigate to your snaps repository folder. For example, on my computer this path was “C:\X\snaps-fa20-s26”.

You may now return back to the lab 2 setup page.

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