BearMaps Design Document

Classes and Data Structures


This class provides static methods that allow processing requests from the web browser for map images. These images will be rastered into one large image to be displayed to the user.

This class does not have any instance variables.


Represents a point on the map.

Instance Variables

  1. x - the x-axis (or equivalent) coordinate of a point.
  2. y - the y-axis (or equivalent) coordinate of a point.


An augmented graph that is more powerful than a standard StreetMapGraph. Specifically, it supports the following additional operations such as finding a node in the graph whose associated (lon, lat) coordinates are closest to some given coordinates.

Instance Variables

  1. HashMap<Point, Node> nodePointMap - a map keeping track what graph Node is associated with a certain Point on the map.
  2. WeirdPointSet pointSet - a set of all the points associated with the reachable Nodes in this graph.




The closest method takes in map coordinates, (lon, lat), and returns the id of the graph Node, whose associated map Point, is closest to the given coordinates. We pass the given coordinates into our pointSet’s nearest method to get the nearest Point. We then use the nodePoint map to find the graph Node associated with the returned Point.


Note: This section was not required for Project 2, but is necessary for Project 3.