Midterm 1 Practice Assessment
Author: Sohum Hulyalkar

Due Date: Monday, September 21 at 11:59PM

To help you prepare for Midterm 1, we uploaded Spring 2019’s Midterm 1 to the platform on which you will be taking exams this semester, PrairieLearn. We also want you to practice the new Zoom proctoring protocol.

We will award you 10 points on Midterm 1 if you complete the practice midterm on PrairieLearn, while recording yourself following our proctoring instructions. This reference sheet may be helpful for this assessment.

PrairieLearn Steps

  1. Navigate to PrairieLearn at https://cbt-dev.berkeley.edu/pl.

  2. Click the login button. The login is facilitated by CalNet and Google, so you may need a VPN if your country blocks Google (Berkeley Library has one). Make sure that you are able to log in before the exam.

  3. At this point, you should be able to add course CS 61B: Data Structures, Fall 2020 under “Courses”. Click on this option.

  4. Click on PrairieLearn in the top left corner, and it will send you to the PrairieLearn home page. 

  5. At this point you should start following the Zoom proctoring steps located in the following section. Please read all the steps fully, because the recording choice you make may affect your ability to complete this assessment.

  6. After clicking the course, you should see there are two assessments available. You may choose either to complete:

    • Practice (Timed): Spring 19 Midterm 1 — this option will appear exactly like our midterm exam, will be timed, and will automatically close once your allotted exam time has ended. You will not be able to see the answers you inputted once the time is up. Note: Once you start this exam, you cannot restart.

    • Practice (Untimed): Spring 19 Midterm 1 — you can attempt this assignment as many times as you want. You will be able to see your submissions after submitting.

  7. After you click on the assessment of your choosing, you will be asked to sign the Honor Pledge. Once you do this, you will be brought to the “Assessment Overview” page. Here, you can view the submission status of your answers. You may complete the questions in any order. To move to a different question, you can use the “Next Question” and “Previous Question” buttons or the “Assessment Overview” button. 

  8. When you are ready to submit your exam, return to the “Assessment Overview” page and click “Finish Assessment”.

Remote Proctoring

We recommend that you start taking the following steps at least ten minutes before the exam starts, in order to account for any technical issues that may arise.

These steps are almost identical to those you will take during the real exam. Please be sure to also review these steps on the official exam logistics post on Ed.

For the practice exam, you will have to record at least 30 minutes, though it is highly recommended that it be 2 hours. During the real exam, you will have to record the full 2 hours of the exam.

  1. Before the exam begins, create a Zoom call using your personal room and start a local or cloud recording. Only you should be in this Zoom call.

    • Download and open the Zoom desktop application.

    • Click on “New Meeting”

    • At the top left corner, click on the information icon (i in a circle), and verify that the “Invite Link” matches the one you submitted in the Pre-Midterm form.

    • Join the call with computer audio

    • At the bottom menu, click on “Record”

    • Choose “Record on this Computer” or “Record on the Cloud” based on your answer in the Pre-Midterm form.

    • Make sure your virtual background is off

  2. Hold your photo ID (e.g. Cal 1 Card, license) next to your face for at least 3 seconds. You need to say your name/SID out loud.

  3. Rotate your camera around to give a full 360 degree view of the room in which you will take the exam, as well as an aerial view of your desk. During the real exam, besides the laptop, no uncovered screens or tablets are permitted anywhere in the room. All external displays should either be removed, rotated away, or covered. Additionally, the desk where the exam will be taken should only contain your handwritten sheets of notes and blank scratch paper. All other miscellaneous paper/books must be removed. For this practice assessment, you don’t have to follow these guidelines.

  4. Open two web browser windows, one with PrairieLearn (for taking the exam) and one with Ed (for clarifications).

  5. The last step prior to the start of the exam is to share your computer’s screen in the Zoom call. Upon sharing your screen, you should see yourself appear in the top right corner of the screen. Your laptop screen should contain only PrairieLearn, Ed, and Zoom self view (it should be showing your face).

  6. During the test, the recording must consist of your laptop’s desktop exactly as detailed in the previous step. You must have audio on during the entirety of the midterm. Do not mute yourself. More important points to follow:

    • As mentioned previously, you cannot be using another display. This means that your mouse cursor must always be on the current screen.

    • For your privacy, make sure that all the notifications on your laptop and smartphone are turned off. 

    • During the real exam, a TA may join the Zoom call to check in at any point, so do not be alarmed.

  7. Upon completion of the exam, show the current time/date for at least two seconds, congratulate yourself for finishing (this is optional but recommended), and finally you may end the recording. You are allowed to finish the exam early.

  8. If you need to use the bathroom during the exam, continue to record, even as you are away.

  9. Once you are done with the practice midterm, you will need to upload your recording. You will provide us with a link to your recording using the Post Practice Midterm form, which you must submit by Monday, 09/21, 11:59 PM PDT. In the real exam, you will submit an identical form, that will allow you to submit your recording.

    • If you used the “Record on this Computer” option, upload your recording to your Berkeley Google Drive and submit in the form a sharable link to the uploaded file.

      • Go to CalCentral, and at the top right corner, click on the Google Drive logo and follow the link to your “bDrive account”.

      • On the Google Drive homepage, at the top left corner click on “New” and then “File upload”.

      • Select the file of your recording and wait for the upload to finish.

      • Once the file appears on your Google Drive, right click on it, and choose “Get sharable link”.

      • Copy the link and submit it in the Post-Midterm form.

    • If you used the “Record on the Cloud” option, you should get an email with a link to the recording.

      • It may take up to 72 hours for the recording to become available and the email to reach you.

      • When you receive the email, submit to the form the link under the title “Share recording with viewers:” in the email. You should also submit to the form the passcode that appears after that link in the email.

    • Only Josh and the TAs will have access to your recording.

    • You cannot revoke access to this recording until after your final grade has been submitted at the end of the semester.

Here is a video walkthrough of this section.

Zoom Proctoring Clarifications


After completion, submit a link to your video recording here.